Impact of Workplace Giving

At some point in their life, 87% of Canadians will be affected by a major disease or chronic illness.

Chances are, if it doesn’t affect them directly, it affects a loved one, a work colleague, a friend, a neighbour. And a significant number of these Canadians – 25-50%, in fact – also struggle with depression.

That means that every Canadian who has cancer, diabetes, arthritis, a heart issue or another serious illness is also likely to be dealing with depression. And those who do suffer from depression increase their likelihood of experiences a chronic illness or disease.

Employees with both a mental and a physical illness stay off work the longest and only 17% are fully functional at work.

Costs due to absent workers who are ill or depressed

  • 500,000 Canadians Absent from the Workplace Every Day
  • $51 Billion Cost to our National Economy Every Year
  • $190 Billion a year in Medical Costs for Chronic Illness
  • 70% Lost Productivity due to Employees on Short and Long-Term Disability

Other Costs

Employees left to deal with the work when a co-worker is absent due to illness report high levels of stress and anxiety

  • 10% higher stress risk
  • 8% higher health risk
  • 6% lower ability to cope

The Impact of Workplace Giving

Studies have shown that rallying around a good cause brings employees together and strengthens their engagement, both of which are key to positive productivity. As your ‘connector’, HealthPartners brings employees together around a cause that matters to us all – health. For employers, this unique approach translates into:

  • 29% higher revenues
  • 50% more productivity
  • 33% more profit
  • 44% higher retention rates
  • 56% better customer loyalty

And employees who give through a HealthPartners’ workplace campaign are more engaged, happier and healthier, leading to increased productivity.

That’s a powerful value proposition for any organization that recognizes its people as a core, critical asset.

Employee engagement has a positive impact on morale, job performance, absenteeism and benefits expenses. That’s why 70 percent of companies today offer paid-release time for volunteering, and many support matching gift programs as well.

The Bottom Line

At HealthPartners, we connect employees to the health charities that matter to them the most and work with them to reduce the number of Canadians struggling with a chronic disease or illness.

Let HealthPartners work with you to design a campaign truly customized to your workplace and culture.

The bottom line is that we all have a stake in supporting efforts to prevent, treat and cure diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and muscular dystrophy.

Employees Want to Give

Employees want to give – and specifically to health charities. A Vision Critical study commissioned by HealthPartners found that seven out of 10 Canadians think it’s important for employers to give them the choice to support health charities.

Working with HealthPartners to mount a workplace giving campaign is a win-win situation all around.

Your organization benefits from happier, healthier, more productive employees. Your employees gain the opportunity to give back – to causes that matter to them. Canadian health charities benefit from much needed financial donations. And Canadians from coast-to-coast benefit directly from potentially lifesaving research and vital services.

Found out how we can help you make your workplace healthier, more productive and more engaged through giving.

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HealthPartners: Your “Connector” to Improved Employee Health

At HealthPartners, we understand that illness and chronic disease are tough issues for employers to deal with. And we can help.

HealthPartners offers workplaces much more than a workplace giving campaign. We are a unique, one-of-a-kind collaboration with 16 of Canada’s most trusted national health charities that can do more for Canadians by working together than working alone. And we offer tangible solutions to employee wellness that impact your bottom line.

According to a National Sun Life-Ivey Workplace Study, Wellness Programs:

Boost Employee Health – 70% of employees reported positive lifestyle changes

Reduced Absenteeism – 1.5-1.7 days per employee per year, or 4%

A True Partner

At HealthPartners, we’re here to help you plan and manage workplace giving campaigns that contribute to your employee engagement goals and corporate social responsibility targets. That means working with you to design a campaign truly customized to your workplace and corporate culture.

Our tools and support make it easy to enhance an existing campaign or create a new one under your organization’s brand, engaging your employees in the act of giving through a flexible approach tailored to your timing.

We also provide an easy-to-use online platform, GiveAtWork™, to help manage your campaign, along with promotional support and more. Best of all, we assist with all campaign details so we are there every step of the way: there’s minimal time required from your organization.

Get Started With Your Workplace Giving Campaign

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