About Us

HealthPartners is the sole organization in Canada raising funds for nation-wide health charities through workplace giving.

Together with our donors and volunteers, since 1988 we’ve raised over $200 million for Canada’s most-trusted charities.

Donations to HealthPartners help our 17 leading health charities conduct critical research, develop support and education programs and find treatments and cures we need to save lives in our community. At a high level, our member charities offer help in three broad categories:

Focused health expertise: HealthPartners’ members bring deep expertise on the specific and unique needs of their community given the health conditions affecting them.

Comprehensive pillars of impact: HealthPartners’ members all support their communities with four broad pillars of impact delivered in a way that is tailored to the patient and caregivers’ specific needs: research, education, programs and services, and advocacy.

Cross-cutting causes: While HealthPartners members each focus on a specific group of medical conditions, through their pillars of impact they address important health causes that are common to all, including (but not limited to): children’s health, women’s health and indigenous health.

At HealthPartners, We Make the Right Connections.

Connecting Employees to:

• The chance to donate to the Canadian health charities that mean the most to them

• A cause they and their colleagues can rally behind

• Meaningful volunteer opportunities

Connecting Workplaces to:

• Customized, free workplace giving programs designed to increase employee engagement and corporate reputation

• A complete set of materials and resources, including storytellers and health consultants, to connect employees and their employers on a shared cause

WHY: We believe that every person in Canada has the right to support for their health.

HOW: We help provide that by fundraising for health charities, mainly in workplaces.

WHAT: We offer easy, engaging workplace campaigns that enhance corporate purpose, culture and reputation and share the proceeds with health charities efficiently and transparently.

Adapted from Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle in his book, “Start With Why”

Focused on health. Driven to make a difference.

Eighty-seven percent of Canadians will likely be affected by a chronic disease or major illness in their lifetime. The 17 Canadian health charities we represent work tirelessly to care for those affected and to prevent these diseases. To learn more about their impact, read the real-life stories of those who have benefitted at Living Proof.

To make your difference, choose to get involved or get your free workplace HealthCheck.