What is your biggest health concern?

A pie chart indicating the results of our Week 12 survey asking "what is your biggest health concern?" Coping mechanisms is at 22.5%, Emotional well-being is at 23.3%, Stress level is at 21.8%, Self-care practices is at 16.4% and Social support is at 16%.

Survey Insights:

The pie chart visualizes the collective input from our community. It’s clear from the responses that emotional wellbeing, coping mechanisms, and stress levels are the top health concerns among our subscribers.

Our Commitment to Mental Health:

We are proud to share that HealthPartners has the Mental Health Commission of Canada as one of our 17 member charities. They play a vital role in addressing mental health issues for Canadians, both individually and in the workplace.

Your Voice Matters:

Your openness in sharing your personal concerns has given us a clearer understanding of the challenges faced by many. We are committed to incorporating these insights into our ongoing efforts as we work towards a healthcare system that prioritizes both physical and mental wellness.