Retirees, aged 65 and beyond, form the backbone of Canadian charitable endeavors. Their unwavering dedication and commitment redefine retirement as an active phase of giving back to society. Through their selfless contributions, these individuals stand as pillars, fueling significant change and progress within charitable causes across the country.

Recent insights from Revera shed light on the pivotal role retirees aged 65+ play in uplifting charitable causes. The survey revealed that 82% of retirees contribute financially, while 37% volunteer their time to causes close to their hearts. Their active involvement extends far and wide, including within our network of 17 member charities, amplifying their impact across diverse causes and communities.

Retirees don’t just donate funds or offer volunteer hours—they bring invaluable expertise, passion, and a profound sense of purpose to charitable organizations. Their role within HealthPartners and other charitable networks extend beyond mere contributions; they are catalysts for change, sparking innovation, and fostering a sense of community and compassion.

The Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) stands as a significant opportunity for government retirees to make a profound impact through ePledge before the approaching December 6th deadline. Retirees are an incredibly important cohort of GCWCC donors making up an average of 11% of donors and giving an average of $460 per person. Your contributions through the GCWCC can support organizations like HealthPartners and our 17 member charities, aiding their vital work within communities.

To learn more about the GCWCC, and all the ways you can contribute visit There are multiple options available—whether it’s through phone, mail, or online—pick the way that feels right for you and join us in improving the lives of Canadians across the country.

Your generosity fuels and sustains the incredible work of our member charities and helps to build a healthier Canada!