August 15, 2022

Today, Eileen Dooley, CEO of HealthPartners announced her retirement effective this month. 

Passionate about serving HealthPartners’ mission, Eileen enabled many lasting accomplishments since joining the organization in 2011:

  • Generated over $126M total revenue with proceeds distributed to the organization’s 16 member charities.
  • Established strong and meaningful stakeholder relationships early on – in Quebec, this led to significant growth within the province’s campaigns.
  • Provided equity for all members regardless of size through the creation of a new funding formula. This funding model continues to help members deliver vital programs, community-based services and life-changing research results across Canada.
  • Broadened the governance structure in 2018 to include board representation from private, public and healthcare sectors. These diverse perspectives and experiences have been essential to making a broader impact.
  • Positioned HealthPartners as a more meaningful and substantive contributor through a new strategy, not only to the annual Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC), but also to other employers and employees from across Canada.
  • Supported and showcased the tremendous work of HealthPartners’ member charities. Collectively, these charities touch the lives of the 87% Canadians who are likely to be affected by one or more chronic diseases or major illnesses during their lifetime.
  • Positioned HealthPartners as a credible source of information through the creation of topical reports on research, chronic disease, mental health, and most recently, the impact of COVID-19. 
  • Recognized the growing need to address mental health in the workplace, and positioned HealthPartners as an organization with stronger connections to mental health issues.

“Eileen has contributed more than 10 years of passion and expertise towards many long-lasting achievements for the organization. With a steadfast commitment towards its mission, Eileen ensured the important work of member charities was supported within private and public sector workplaces,” says Charlotte Comrie, Interim CEO, HealthPartners.

“The entire Board and our many partners feel privileged to have worked with Eileen and are enormously grateful to her for her many contributions towards its mission of building a healthier Canada,” says Andrew Treusch, Interim Board Chair, HealthPartners.

“I am constantly inspired by the work that our member charities do to change the lives of so many affected by chronic disease and major illness, and it has been a privilege to be able to contribute to those efforts. And I am humbled by the work of our partners – the Government of Canada, the Governments of Quebec and PEI – and countless private sector companies who offer HealthPartners the opportunity to engage their employees in building a healthier Canada. I’ve met countless volunteers who give generously of their passion and commitment to help so many others; it has been remarkable to have been part of this incredible effort. I would especially like to thank those amazing staff with whom I have worked over the years. They have inspired me with their passion and commitment and it has been a wonderful and fulfilling journey. Finally, I want to thank the HealthPartners’ Board for their leadership and support, and Charlotte Comrie for stepping in as the Interim CEO. HealthPartners is in good hands as it moves forward,” says Eileen Dooley.

The Board of Directors will oversee a comprehensive process to choose Eileen’s successor. Until her successor is announced, Charlotte Comrie will continue to serve as Interim CEO.

The Board of Directors thanks Eileen for her commitment and passion towards the HealthPartners mission, and will organize an event later this year honouring Eileen’s many lasting contributions to HealthPartners and to wish her well in her retirement.

Many thanks to our members, donors, partners, supporters, volunteers, and employees in our collective efforts in building a healthier Canada.

The Board of Directors, HealthPartners