Given that HealthPartners’ mandate is to fundraise on behalf of our 17 health charity members, it is critically important that we are experts in trends and best practices in fundraising. So every year we look forward to learning from Canada Helps’ 2023 Giving Report. The Report provides a snapshot of Canada’s charitable landscape, delves into the evolving trends in giving and receiving within Canada, and offers insights that demand attention and action.

Key Findings: A Closer Look at Charitable Realities Within the Report

We are seeing a shift in demand: more than 22% of Canadians now anticipate relying on charities for fundamental needs. This is an 8% increase within just nine months. In contrast, active contributions have regrettably dwindled to 18.4% over the past decade. That’s no surprise, as we know that, since the pandemic, demand has risen tremendously—40% to be exact. Despite rising demand, 57.3% face hurdles in meeting these burgeoning needs. The ongoing decline in fundraising and volunteer support poses a significant challenge, underscoring the uphill battle charities confront.

Curious to delve deeper into these findings? The 2023 Giving Report houses it all.

On the Horizon: HealthPartners’ response to these trends

The findings from the 2023 Giving Report highlight an urgent need for collective action to bridge the widening gap between escalating demands and dwindling resources within Canada’s charitable sector. This pivotal moment calls for immediate attention and collaboration to fortify and bolster support for those in need.

At HealthPartners, we stand committed to being at the forefront of this positive change. Collaborating closely with 17 of Canada’s most trusted health charities, which fight medical conditions that impact 9 in 10 Canadians. In 2023, we’ll empower our members to meet the increased demand for charitable services by redoubling our fundraising efforts, seeking new fundraising partners and mobilizing our incredible team of volunteers to maximize HealthPartners’ impact.

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