Seeing is Believing Tours

Show your employees what their donations can do

Our Seeing is Believing tours give your employees the chance to see the kind of impact their charitable donations to HealthPartners can have by visiting one of our 16 member health charities. Through exposure to the programs, services and research we support, your teams will have a better sense of what their dollars, volunteer time or pro bono services can achieve — raising awareness about the impact of donations and inspiring them to take action.

For a successful tour, it’s good practice to plan it in conjunction with other significant corporate events, get support from senior management, publicize in advance and choose a site that will resonate with employees. Tour sites vary by region and range from visiting the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute to seeing the Alzheimer Society respite program at work first-hand.

Bring your Workplace Giving Campaign to Life

Employees see first-hand the impact of their donations at work through the programs and services offered by our partner charities. Find out more by speaking to one of our Campaign Team members.


What's Involved
Cost of event:
  • Low if walking or carpooling
  • Medium/high if bus rental is needed
Degree of difficulty:Low
When to run event:At any point during your workplace giving campaign or as a training activity. Please allow 1-3 hours for the event.
HealthPartners provides:
  • Site
  • Advertisement (posters, etc.)
  • Sample email/newsletter content to raise awareness
You provide:
  • Bus or carpool vehicles
  • Registration
  • Host