Campaign Management

A true partner

We’re here to help you plan and manage workplace giving campaigns that contribute to your employee engagement goals and corporate social responsibility targets. That means working with you to design a campaign truly custom to your workplace and culture.

Our tools and support make it easy to enhance an existing campaign or create a new one under your organization’s brand, engaging your employees in the act of giving through a flexible approach tailored to your timing.

We also provide an easy-to-use online platform, GiveAtWork, to help manage your efforts, promotional support and more. Best of all, we assist with all campaign details during the three stages so we are there every step of the way: there’s minimal time required from your organization.

The three stages of workplace giving

  1. Planning
    Before you get started, it’s important to review previous campaigns, set clear goals, align resources, plans activities and timelines, develop a communications plan, and secure senior management support to ensure success.

  2. Execution
    Holding a kick-off is an important step to engaging employees and management in the campaign. Ongoing engagement through speakers, communications, lunch and learns and events helps canvassers involve employees. It’s also a best practice to conclude any workplace giving campaign with a celebration to show organizational commitment.

  3. Wrap-up
    Acknowledging the impact of the campaign by thanking everyone helps with ongoing engagement. It is also a great time review what worked to enhance future campaigns.

Keys to successful employee engagement

Following are some of the most important practices we’ve compiled over the years to ensure effective employee engagement through workplace giving.

  1. Brand and take ownership of the campaign
  2. Secure executive leadership and support
  3. Implement a strong communications plan
  4. Set clear goals for the campaign
  5. Empower employee choice
  6. Integrate with employee engagement programs
  7. Promote campaign incentives
  8. Recognize and thank employees
  9. Measure employee satisfaction

To learn more and find out how we can help customize a campaign for you, contact us today.