Strategic Plan

HealthPartners is rebuilding after a period of significant change. Here is how we plan to solidify our business, building partnerships, systems, and capabilities for future success.

Our strength is that we are a COLLABORATIVE.

We will deliver on that, by:

  • Celebrating the value of both the group as a whole and its 17 individual charity member organizations.
  • Connecting employers and their employees to the value health charities bring to people in Canada.
  • Being fundraising experts and sharing that expertise with member health charities to increase funds raised and impact.
  • Espousing our unique perspective on the health charity sector to advance the goals of the collective, and to increase impact and expand revenue for our members.
  • Emphasizing that, as a collective, we are built to be inclusive and diverse.

Stabilize + Situate + Synergize = Succeed


Year 1

• Be excellent partners to clients, members and partners to maximize the success of existing campaigns.

• Leverage partnerships but expend limited effort in the near term on new business origination.

• Prepare to grow corporate reputation and presence by putting in place the building blocks of excellent corporate communications and marketing. Create communications materials that demonstrate impact on causes as well as on disease states.

• Build a culture of problem-solving, teamwork, continuous improvement and leadership that enables HealthPartners to execute its business strategy consistently and reliably by focusing on people


Years 2-3

• Target medium-sized employers in the financial services, life sciences and technology sectors with customized marketing materials.

• Continue to grow public service campaigns by engaging municipalities

• Plan to engage diverse donors by establishing a Youth Council, a Retirees/Seniors Council and developing and implementing a strategy to engage newcomers to Canada.

• Establish HealthPartners as an authority on the role of health charities in Canada’s healthcare system to grow name recognition and trust among prospective donors.

• Optimize technology and internal processes to support operational excellence.


Years 1-3

• Optimize existing memberships and partnerships by co-defining success, implementing agreements and following through on our commitments.

• Cultivate new memberships and partnerships to grow the profile and impact of HP and its members.


• Grow revenue by delivering excellent service to clients and adding new ones.

• Act as a true collective to maximize reach and impact.

• Become an employer of choice.

• Practice operational excellence