May 16, 2019

In an interview with the CBC earlier this week, HealthPartners CEO Eileen Dooley spoke of some of the factors influencing workplace charitable donations. Here’s an excerpt:

“Older donors tend to be more philanthropic. The boomers that are starting to retire from workplaces are not being replaced by donors who are giving the same amount, or in the same way.”

Dooley said that millennials entering the workforce are often burdened with student debt and prefer volunteering or donating online.

“They’re more interested in crowdfunding, in peer-to-peer support,’ Dooley said.”  “But overall Canadians are remarkably generous”

Click here to watch the interview and here to read the full article.

HealthPartners is a registered Canadian charity that connects workplaces and employees to 16 of Canada’s most trusted health charities. Our member charities work tirelessly to find cures and treatments for more  than 300 chronic diseases and illnesses that touch more than 87% of Canadians over their lifetime.