November 26, 2018

OTTAWA, Ontario. HealthPartners is proud to embark on a new phase of its evolution with an updated governance structure. A Board of Directors has been elected, composed of six leaders from HealthPartners member organizations as well as five external directors who bring a wealth of expertise and experience from the public and private sectors. A second body was also created and launched: the Members’ Council, consisting of one representative from each of the 16 national health charities that are the members of HealthPartners. The launch of the new Board and Council was the culmination of work begun two years ago. After passing new bylaws at the Annual General Meeting in January 2018 that introduced the new governance structure, the member organizations met in Toronto on October 25 to elect the new slate of Directors and to welcome the new Members’ Council. Both bodies then held their inaugural meetings.

“As the retiring Chair of the Board of Directors of HealthPartners,” said Rick Perciante, “I am delighted to introduce a new governance structure for HealthPartners, which we believe will position the organization for growth and success in our rapidly changing environment. It gives me great pleasure to welcome the new Directors to the newly constituted Board that, for the very first time, engages Directors from outside HealthPartners’ member charities. I’d also like to welcome the delegates to our first-ever Members’ Council. Together, we believe we have the ability to enhance our support for the health charity sector in Canada.”

Led by interim Chair Louis Adam, Executive Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada – Quebec Division, the Board of Directors will focus over the next few months on laying out the organization’s strategic plan for the next three years (2019-2022).

The other Directors are:
– Eric Beaudoin, Deloitte Canada
– Andrew Burditt, Alzheimer Society of Canada
– Charlotte Comrie, Heart and Stroke Foundation
– Bev Crandell, Parkinson Society of Canada
– Andrew Gall, Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA)
– Jeffrey Hoffman, Huntington Society of Canada
– Debra Lynkowski, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
– Angie Specic, Crohn’s and Colitis Canada
– Andrew Treusch, former Commissioner of the Canada Revenue Agency
– Michel Vermette, Association of Executives of the Public Service of Canada (APEX)

Retiring Board members Rick Perciante (former Chair), Leigh Allard, Martha Beaumont, Jill Bridgeman,
Deb Franz-Currie, Sandra Dow, Jim O’Brien, Carly Schur, Jeff Sparks, and Harry Veening were warmly
thanked for all the work they had done to bring HealthPartners to this moment of its 30-year history.


About HealthPartners

HealthPartners connects employers and employees with 16 of Canada’s most trusted health charities.
Collectively, we help to build healthy workers, workplaces and communities; provide programs and
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