Charles Keliher

Meet Charles Keliher, cancer survivor

Charles is sixty-four years of age and is married to Stella and they have three adult children. In 2002, Charles noticed he was experiencing difficulty having a normal bowel movement and he mentioned it to a surgeon. They arranged a scope at the hospital.

On a Friday afternoon when Charles was preparing for one of his children’s basketball games, he received a call from his doctor. “That other test we had planned for December I think we’ll move it ahead to next week.” Charles asked why. His doctor informed him that the results of his check up indicated he might have cancer. As it turned out Charles had a tumor on his bowel.

Charles said the news came as a blow to his family because he always thought of cancer as “something that other people get”, something that affects other people’s families. He compares a cancer patient to a bull’s-eye on a dart board, the cancer just circles out from there and affects your family, your friends and really your whole community.

The work that has been achieved over the past 25 years for research and treatments for cancer has be phenomenal. “When people donate to an organization like the Canadian Cancer Society and this money is used towards research and advancing not only a cure, but the treatment of cancer, I believe I’m an example of just how that money is used so well to advance the fight against cancer.” 

Charles is a volunteer with the Prince Edward Island chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society. “I am here today, thanks to the resources and support that health charities provide,” he says. “I am living proof that donating to HealthPartners works.”

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