Carole Léveillé

Meet Carole Léveillé, living with diabetes and arthritis

Three years ago Carole Léveillé, 48, could walk. Today, she uses a motorized wheelchair to get around. Three years ago, she loved to go out dancing. Today, she has trouble getting out of bed, showering, dressing and preparing meals without help. She and her husband, Pierre-Louis, and their combined family of four children built an accessible home to help make life a little bit easier. She uses a specially equipped van to get to work, and her employer provided adapted technologies and tools to enable her to function in her job as an administrative assistant.

Three years ago, Carole had a full, engaging life. Today, her life revolves around trying to make it through each and every day.

Her symptoms show many of the hallmarks of multiple sclerosis (MS): loss of balance, easily tired, and muscle and joint pain. “I have all kinds of problems with my bones.”

On top of this disease, Carole also has arthritis and diabetes. She uses an insulin pump to monitor, and control, her blood glucose levels.

“I lost the life I once had to a debilitating disease that has no name — and that is a constant worry for my kids and husband, who fear it may be hereditary. Arthritis has made my hands and fingers crooked. But my diabetes is under control, thanks to the tremendous support and tools I received from the Canadian Diabetes Association. That support has made my life bearable.”

Carole léveillé

In search for answers to her MS-type condition and to help manage her diabetes, Carole connected with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada as well as the local chapter of the Canadian Diabetes Association. Both are two of 17 national health charities working under the HealthPartners umbrella to transform the health of Canadians. Through the Canadian Diabetes Association, Carole was able to acquire the insulin pump. “I don’t know why I had resisted getting one for so long. It has proven to be a lifesaver for me.”

Thanks to the Canadian Diabetes Association, Carole is grateful to the resources made available through the Canadian Diabetes Association. “Having an insulin pump to keep my diabetes under control is a huge relief, especially when I am struggling with a major illness that no one can put a finger on. I am living proof that donating to HealthPartners works.”

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