Staying Hydrated

HealthPartners’ #hpHealthySelfie challenge

Stay Hydrated: A Key Stepping Stone to Better Health

Many of us — 87% in fact — will be affected by chronic disease in our lifetime. That’s what the stats indicate. But we can all take small steps towards better health — and beat those stats. That’s where HealthPartners’ #hpHealthySelfie Challenge comes in. We are challenging you to take small steps to healthier living: small steps that can make a huge difference to your health. Here’s just one simple example: we all talk about eating healthy, but what about drinking healthy? More...

Our Experts are Taking the Challenge

See how John Stanton, CEO of the Running Room, and Marie-Julie Côté, Yoga Instructor are taking the challenge.

Take the Challenge

At HealthPartners, our focus is on helping you make a positive difference in your health. Remember… when it comes to your health, small stepping stones can make a huge difference!

Start Your Own Challenge

Here are just a few ways to get you started in staying hydrated and drinking more water daily.


On your own:

  • get yourself a water bottle — with an inspirational quote on it — and over two or three days build up to the daily 8x8 rule

At home:

  • start your own ‘Stop the Pop’ challenge and make the daily water challenge fun by having the kids add their own flavours to water with lemon juice or even fresh fruit

At work:

  • replace that morning cup of coffee with a glass of pure cold water or hot herbal tea
  • bring a water pitcher to your weekly team meeting (you could even add a special flavour to it, such as  raspberry, mint or orange) and use the meeting to share your successes so far
  • start an internal contest by challenging  your co-workers to switch their drinking habits for a week by trading one coffee a day with a glass of water or tea

Already have good hydration habits?

  • Challenge your friends, family and colleagues to follow your example, or challenge yourself further and tell us about it

While you’re at it, take a selfie or video of yourself, your family or you and your work colleagues in action. Tell us about the stepping stone you have taken to get healthy by drinking more water and qualify for a chance to win a Fitbit!

Share your own mini-challenges — and successes — with all of us at HealthPartners:
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The Link Between Drinking Water and Reducing Your Risk of Getting a Chronic Disease 

Just think about water for a minute. Our bodies contain about 60% water — two-thirds inside our cells, and the other one-third in the space between our cells and in our blood. All of our vital organs — the brain, the lungs, the heart, the liver and the kidneys — contain a large quantity of water, while bones contain less. Water truly is life. Drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day (the 8x8 rule) is recommended by many nutritionists, and although there is little science behind this rule, staying hydrated is important for healthy bodies and healthy minds.

Stay Hydrated


  • helps to maximize physical performance
  • has a major effect on energy levels and brain function
  • prevents and treats headaches
  • relieves constipation
  • may help treat kidney stones
  • can help lose weight

And, then there’s the reduced risk of getting heart disease, suffering a stroke, preventing liver disease, even becoming diabetic as an adult.

The Impact

The Heart & Stroke Foundation, Canadian Diabetes Association and Canadian Liver Foundation are all members of HealthPartners, a national organization active in workplaces across the country to represent 16 of Canada’s most trusted national health charities. At HealthPartners, we raise money for our member charities, enabling them to provide critical services, invest in research, and provide health prevention and wellness programs in communities across Canada.

But they have something else in common, too. All three agree that drinking water is important to keeping healthy — for you, for your kids and for your work colleagues. That’s why both the Heart & Stroke Foundation and Canadian Diabetes Association have ‘Stop the Pop’ campaigns. They want to get kids to drink water instead of pop or other sugary drinks like fruit-flavoured beverages. Getting in the habit of drinking water when they’re young is a great stepping stone to better health when they become adults. The Canadian Liver Foundation also recognizes the benefits of drinking water to prevent liver disease.

Three major chronic diseases… yet such a simple stepping stone to take to better health. And HealthPartners’ #hpHealthySelfie Challenge will help you get started.

Stay hydrated, drink more water and take part in the HealthPartners’ #HPhealthyselfie Challenge.