Get Active

HealthPartners’ #HPhealthyselfie challenge

Get Active: A hop, Skip and Jump Away From Better Health

Most of us will be affected by chronic disease or a major illness during our lifetime. That adds up to a staggering $90 billion a year in lost productivity and treatment costs.  But we can all take small steps towards better health — and beat those stats. That’s where HealthPartners’ #hpHealthySelfie Challenge comes in. We are challenging you to take small steps to healthier living: small steps that can make a huge difference to your health. Here’s just one simple example: we all talk about losing weight and getting off the couch, but life gets in the way, right? 

Our Experts are Taking the Challenge

See how Jen Kish, Captain of Canada's Women's Rugby Seven Team and Bronze medalist in Rio 2016, and Kathy Smart, Founder of Live The Smart Way, are taking the challenge.

Take the Challenge

At HealthPartners, our focus is on helping you make a positive difference in your health. Remember… when it comes to your health, small stepping stones can make a huge difference!

Start Your Own Challenge

You can start your own challenge to get physically active at home and at work. Here are just a few ways to get you started.

On your own:

  • go for a brisk walk first thing in the morning or when you get home after work
  • get a pedometer and keep track of how many steps you take in a day, and increase that number every two or three days

At home:

  • put on some tunes and dance crazy for 30 minutes
  • try skipping or hula hooping and see who can last the longest
  • replace ‘couch time’ for your kids with outside activity time

At work:

  • grab some work buddies and challenge each other to take the stairs instead of using the elevator
  • convert all your meetings into walking meetings, take a pedometer along to count the number of steps taken during the meeting and see if you can beat this number next time
  • change your commuting habits and walk, bike or run instead of taking the car to work

Already have good habits?

  • Challenge your friends, family and colleagues to follow your example, or challenge yourself further and tell us about it

While you're at it, take a selfie or video of yourself, your family or you and your work colleagues in action. Tell us about the hops, skips and jumps you’ve taken to get healthy by becoming more active!

Share your own mini-challenges — and successes — with all of us at HealthPartners:
Follow us on social media (TwitterFacebookInstagram) and post a selfie using #hpHealthySelfie to qualify for a chance to win a Fitbit!

The Link Between Physical Activity and Your Risk of Getting a Chronic Disease

Physical activity isn’t just about losing weight. It improves your health and well-being. It reduces stress, strengthens the heart and lungs, and boosts your energy. And, it improves your outlook on life. Kids need to be physically active regularly to grow and develop. As adults, physical activity will help us be healthier and feel less tired. And for seniors, weight-bearing physical activity reduces the rate of bone loss associated with osteoporosis, improves balance and reduces the risk of falls.

Being Physically Active

Being physically active lowers your risk for developing colon and breast cancer. Research shows that:

  • Physically active people have a lower risk of colon cancer than people who are not active
  • Physically active women have a lower risk of breast cancer than women who are not active.

The Impact

The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Heart & Stroke Foundation, Canadian Diabetes Association, Canadian Liver Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society and The Arthritis Society are all members of HealthPartners, a national organization active in workplaces across the country to represent 16 of Canada’s most trusted national health charities. At HealthPartners, we raise money for our member charities, enabling them to provide critical services, invest in research, and provide health prevention and wellness programs in communities across Canada.

But they have something else in common, too. All six agree that being physically active every day is important. It will help you, your kids and your work colleagues keep healthy. And if you have any of these diseases, it will help you manage your condition much better.

Thirty to 60 minutes of physical exercise a day helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. According to the Canadian Liver Foundation, it can also prevent or even reverse fatty liver disease, which affects over 7 million Canadians. Once the liver is full of fat, it will get progressively damaged to the point of developing cirrhosis and even liver cancer. Then there’s diabetes. The Canadian Diabetes Association says that regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do to manage and live well with your diabetes. It can help prevent or delay type 2 diabetes from developing. It also improves your body’s sensitivity to insulin and helps manage your blood glucose (sugar) levels.

Six major chronic diseases… yet such a simple stepping stone to take to better health. And HealthPartners’ #hpHealthySelfie Challenge will help you get started.

Get physically active and take part in the HealthPartners’ #hpHealthySelfie Challenge.