Donor Testimonials

"Because my employer has added HealthPartners to its campaign, I feel I can help directly. I feel a direct connection with the people I wish to help, which is very gratifying."

- David Tardif, Behaviour Interactive

“I support HealthPartners when donating to the GCWCC because as a federal government worker I understand the effects of these diseases on our healthcare system and tax-payers dollars. On a personal level I choose to donate to HealthPartners because I have been impacted by many of the diseases that the 16 foundations that they support. Without these foundations many Canadians would be at a lost for support during some of their most challenging times.”

- Samantha Darrach
Government of Canada Employee

"The difference with HealthPartners is that our employees can choose: we wanted to give them the opportunity to donate to one or more causes close to their hearts. That way they know where their money goes. The company’s trust in HealthPartners has spread to employees: they can donate with complete confidence."

- François Bolduc, Vice-President: Finance, Bell Helicopter

"We all know somebody with Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, or a heart problem. Being able to give to all these organizations easily, through my employer, is something I really appreciate."

- Cynthia Denault, Bell Helicopter

“The important work of the HealthPartners organizations is critical to the future care of our families. Help them help us! Donate.”

- Charles Keliher
Government of Canada Employee

“I suffered a stroke at age 39. I am regaining my life back with the help of the Heart & Stroke Foundation.  As a survivor, I would encourage you to donate at work through HealthPartners to the Heart & Stroke Foundation. The monies collected are used for education and awareness; something very important to survivors, their families and friends.”

- Jen Bogart
Government of Canada Employee

"I have always donated to various organizations, but now that the company is campaigning, giving through payroll deductions is much easier. What’s more, my employer doubles the amount, which is very helpful."

- Brigitte Grégoire, Buyer, Lassonde Industries

"HealthPartners was included in the Lauzon campaign at the request of our employees. A great many of them felt concern for the healthcare cause. Having a choice means that employees feel that their decision to donate is respected. Everybody feels involved in the campaign."

- Gabriella Ferraro, Assistant to the President, Lauzon Planchers Exclusifs

“I am thankful for the members of HealthPartners to help me, my friends, family and neighbours. Giving to this campaign ensures that my donation is used for research and support of 16 diseases rather than having to choose only a few.”

- Lena Webster
Government of Canada Employee