87% of Canadians will likely be directly affected by chronic disease or major illness in their lifetime.
Together we can fight disease and save lives.

HealthPartners is a unique collaboration of 16 of Canada’s best known national health charities

25 years ago our partners had a vision that together they could do more to improve the lives of the 87% of Canadians likely to be affected by chronic disease or major illness. The more than $100 million we have raised has ensured life-saving medical research and treatments. And in every community across our country our 16 charities’ are helping Canadians lead longer and healthier lives. HealthPartners offers a convenient and cost-effective way for Canadians to give to health charities at work. We help improve the health of workplaces through engaged, motivated employees who have access to information, support and resources.

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HealthPartners workplace giving supports Healthy workplaces

Employee Engagement: Health has a direct impact on productivity and engagement in workplaces. Businesses with highly engaged workers are 50% more productive and 33% more profitable. As a single point of contact for 16 charities, HealthPartners helps connect employees with vital health information and access to services and support.

HealthPartners offers Choice: 68% of working Canadians think it’s important for employers to give them the option to support health charities. Donors can give through HealthPartners to one specific health partner or distribute their gift among all of our charities.

Healthier Workplaces: An employee’s health affects productivity, stress levels, mental health and overall engagement. Investing in health not only directly improves the health of your employees through access to up-to-date health information, it also increases employee engagement, which positively impacts employees, businesses and the community.

National and Community Results: HealthPartners charities fight disease and save lives. The donations raised by HealthPartners funds critical research, supports local and national programs, and education and prevention initiatives that improve the health of Canadians all across the country. We have measurable results. These programs and services assist those in the National Capital region who are struggling with life-changing illness – and, in fact, they support Canadians in every community across the country. It makes living with a major illness or chronic disease easier for our families and communities.

HealthPartners connects your employees with up-to-date evidence based information on major diseases through a variety of customized programs that are offered in the National Capital region and all across the country. We also provide community engagement and volunteer opportunities through our 16 charities all across the country. We link your employees to information about health risk factors, disease indicators, local programs and services and health promotion activities, helping you build a healthier and more productive workplace no matter where you work in Canada.

Health is an investment that pays dividends.

For your business:

  • Increased retention
  • Lower benefits costs
  • Higher productivity

For your employees:

  • Improved morale and wellness
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Greater peer support

In the communities you serve:

  • Healthier population
  • Increased access to support and services

Organizations with highly engaged workgroups are 50% more productive and 33% more profitable.

Why Give at Work?

It’s where your employees want to give:

71% of working Canadians believe that employers offering a convenient way to donate to the charity of their choice show they care about the community.

7 out of 10 working Canadians think it’s important for employers to give them the choice to support health charities.

HealthPartners focuses exclusively on workplaces, working with you to deliver simple, tailored giving campaigns that engage your employees and help create a healthier, more effective workplace.


Healthy employees are effective employees

Custom Campaigns: We offer custom campaigns focused on your success. Campaigns can feature presentations from our national Speakers Bureau, co-branded campaign materials, direct payroll deductions, health education for your workplace.

Healthier Employees: We connect you to our partners’ numerous workplace health education programs. We also offer an interactive national program called HealthPartner’s HEALTH CHECK promoting healthy living in the workplace.

Streamlined & Integrated: As a single point of contact to 16 health charities, charitable campaigns complement existing workplace giving programs. Donations through HealthPartners helps reduce the cost of fundraising by providing an efficient and low cost way for our charities to reach out to donors in the workplace.

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