I Am Living Proof Of Your Donations At Work

Through workplace giving we are transforming the lives of Canadians. These stories are Living Proof of your donations at work. 

Donations to HealthPartners help our 17 leading health charities conduct critical research, develop support and education programs and find treatments and cures we need to save lives in our community. 

A bi-weekly pledge to HealthPartners, via the Government of Canada Workplace Giving Campaign (GCWCC) or a private sector employee giving campaign, can make a real difference over the course of a year.

Read one of our stories below…

Karen Scott

Living with multiple sclerosis

Herb & Anna Durand

Living with Parkinson’s and cancer survivor

Laura Moses, Tracey Reid, & Dan Longchamps

Living each day with rheumatoid arthritis

Carole Léveillé

Living with diabetes and arthritis

Doug Cooper

COPD survivor

Myra Conway

Wife of dementia sufferer

Karen Kemp

Living with diabetes

Nigel Van Loan

Husband of Patricia, who died from ALS

Kim Gurtler

Cancer survivor

Ben Tunnell & Leslie Edwardson

Ben is living well after open heart surgery

Marie-Eve Chainey

Living with kidney disease

Andrea Hopkins

She lives with ulcerative colitis

Jean-Pierre Béland

He lives with muscular dystrophy

Kaiden & Jason Ames

Kaiden was born with cystic fibrosis

Tess Frémont-Coté

She lives with colitis

The Gray Family

Benjamin and Nathan have hemophilia

Vincent Daignault

Vincent’s heart stopped beating in 2011

Manon Desbiens

Two of her sisters and her brother had Huntington’s disease

Charles Keliher

Cancer survivor and volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society

Samantha Darrach

Lives with Crohn’s Disease

Alain Bérard

Lives with ALS

Alain Garceau

Lives With Parkinson’s disease

Alfred Breton-Paré

His Son Éloi lives with Muscular Dystrophy

Audray Metcalfe

Lives with Cystic Fibrosis

Audrey Robichaud-Nadeau

Lives with juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Chloé Allard

Lives With Crohn’s Disease

Cynthia Denault

Breast cancer survivor

Diane Chartrand

Lives with lung sarcoidosis

Gilberte Labrie

Caretaker of her husband with Alzheimer’s disease

Ginette Labelle

Lives with Type 1 diabetes

Katia Prévost

Lives with multiple sclerosis

Louise Laviolette

Received a transplant following polycystic kidney disease

Sébastien Beaupré

Received a liver transplant following an autoimmune hepatitis