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The podcast, which is produced and hosted by Diabetes Canada, features in-depth interviews with Diabetes Canada staff, researchers, people living with diabetes and more.

  • Diabetes 360 – Season 2 - Episode 15 Experts agree that it will take more than just lifestyle changes to stem the tide of type 2 diabetes - it's much more complex than that. In this episode, Dr. Laura Rosella from the University of Toronto discusses the role that population health plays in dealing with chronic illness.
  • Diabetes 360 – Season 2 - Episode 16 From smart phones to fitness trackers, digital health tools are everywhere and many people with diabetes are incorporating them in their self-management. Dr. Shivani Goyal is a researcher at eHealth Innovation in Toronto who specializes in helping make digital solutions accessible and intuitive. In this episode, she explains her work and how these new technologies are changing the way we treat and manage diabetes.
  • Diabetes 360 – Season 2 - Episode 17 Dr. Tim Kieffer from UBC proved that a stem cell solution could cure type 1 diabetes in the lab. Now his discovery is being tested in humans. Moving from the lab to human clinical trials is a huge step and Dr. Kieffer discusses his ground breaking work and how much more still needs to be done to see if this is a viable treatment or cure.
  • Diabetes 360 – Season 2 - Episode 18 Why do some people with type 1 diabetes get complications, while others do not? The Canadian Study of Longevity in Diabetes studied Canadians who had lived with diabetes for more than 50 years to try and learn the answer to that question. Beth Mitchell, who participated in the study, talks about her life and why she wanted to share her experience with researchers.
  • Diabetes 360 – Season 2 - Episode 19 Dr. David Campbell is looking at type 2 diabetes and homelessness in a whole new light. By talking with those living with type 2 diabetes and housing insecurity and studying the patterns and outcomes in their lives, he hopes to inspire changes that will have real impact. Learn more about the barriers faced by those without stable housing and the stigma that can accompany homelessness.
  • Diabetes 360 – Season 2 - Episode 20 Dr. Andrew Advani's work with youth with type 1 diabetes had shown him that the toughest transitions can come during the shift from pediatric to adult care. Poor care during this time period can have big impacts down the road. He and his research team are working with youth with T1D to help make those transitions easier and more successful. One way? A video series explaining different issues related to diabetes - you can watch an episode here:

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