Our Account Managers

Our Account Managers are hard at work in your workplace raising funds for our partners: 16 of the most respected national health charities in Canada. These are your Account Managers, men and women who will deliver the information and resources you need to keep your workplace healthy and happy at a time when the most common and costly health problems facing Canadians are also among the most preventable. Together, we are building healthy workplaces, healthy Canadians and healthy charities in neighbourhoods right across the country.

Sandi Dalton

National Capital Region

(613) 562-1469 Ext. 237

Sandi Dalton, National Capital Region
Julie Mills

British Columbia

(778) 585-2600

Julie Mills, British Columbia
Jennifer Richards

Atlantic Region

(902) 225-1883

Jennifer Richards, Atlantic Region
Dara Maternick


(204) 803-1161

Leanne Anderson

National Capital Region

(613) 562-1469 Ext. 235

Leanne Anderson, National Capital Region
Joe McCabe

Member Engagement

(902) 367-3400

Joe McCabe, Director, Member Engagement
Daniela Guccione

Account Manager, Ontario

(416) 809-7858

Abbey Kisel

National Capital Region

(613) 562-1469 Ext. 232