Muscular Dystrophy

Over 50,000 Canadians have a neuromuscular disease, of which there are over 150 types. The economic burden for families can be significant: custom leg braces ($1,600), portable ramps ($1,000), specialized shoes (up to $500), manual and power wheelchairs ($2,000-$25,000).

THEN: Up until the early 1950s, little research into neuromuscular disorders was being done in Canada or elsewhere in the world.

Enter Muscular Dystrophy Canada, founded in 1954.

NOW: Muscular Dystrophy Canada works to enhance the lives of those with a neuromuscular disorder. It provides ongoing support and resources, including financial help for mobility equipment, home renovations, respite care and attendant services – all while searching for a cure through well-funded research.

Living Proof of Donations At Work

“Support funding from Muscular Dystrophy Canada for scooters & good physical health information is a great help. Thanks to the equipment program operated by Muscular Dystrophy Canada, I have been able to keep my independence. I may have mitochondrial myopathy, but I am as healthy as I can be – and positive about my life.”

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Jean-Pierre Béland - HealthPartners / Muscular Dystrophy Canada