Kidney Disease

One in 10 Canadians has kidney disease and over 30,000 are being treated for kidney failure. Dialysis treatment in a hospital costs about $83,000 per patient a year, while a transplant costs about $120,000, not counting medication and follow-up.

THEN: In the 1960s, people with kidney failure had little hope of survival. Dialysis was restricted to a very few, and transplantation was experimental.

Enter the Kidney Foundation of Canada

NOW: Since its creation in 1964, the Foundation has helped millions suffering from kidney failure and related disorders, thanks to the development of dialysis treatment and anti-rejection drugs, along with referral services, educational materials, financial assistance and peer support provided by branches and chapters across the country.

Living Proof of Donations At Work

“One thing that did help, is with the money raised with HealthPartners, and with the Kidney Foundation, a lot of the money went to research. With this research, we were able to have dialysis at home, instead of going to the hospital 3 times a week. Since doing dialysis at home, every night for 8 hours, I have been able to go back to school, graduated Nursing, I’ve been going back to sports. Before that, I couldn’t even bush my hair, or walk around. In 2010, I actually made nationals again for track and field. These are all things I would not be able to do without the support that HealthPartners and the Kidney Foundation has given.”

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Marie-Eve Chainey - HealthPartners / The Kidney Foundation