The blood of someone with hemophilia does not clot normally. Bleeding can last a long time, and is particularly serious when bleeding occurs internally. A very rare hereditary condition that typically affects males, hemophilia is found in about 30,000 Canadians. Each treatment can cost as much as $2,300.

THEN: Hemophilia can be traced back to the 10th century. But advances in treatment and care did not begin until the 1960s.

Enter the Canadian Hemophilia Society, founded in 1953.

NOW: The Society funds research to find a cure, and provides information and resources to individuals and families. Its goal is to improve the health and quality of life of people who have a bleeding disorder.

Living Proof of Donations At Work

“The Canadian Hemophilia Society has helped us so much — from the time when our sons had to have ports surgically implanted in their chests so we can give them regular infusion therapy. 

The networking has been particularly valuable because we get a chance to share our stories with other families who are facing similar issues.”

- Darryl Gray, father of two sons who have hemophilia

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