Heart & Stroke

Every 7 minutes someone in Canada dies from heart disease or a stroke. Heart attacks and strokes are a form of cardiovascular disease, and together cost the Canadian economy more than $21 billion a year in physician services, hospital costs, lost wages and decreased productivity.

THEN: Up until 1952, the cardiovascular death rate in Canada was staggering. Since this time, the death rate has declined by more than 75% – nearly 40% alone in the past decade – due to research advances in surgical procedures, drug therapies and prevention efforts.

Enter the Heart and Stroke Foundation

NOW: Through healthy living initiatives, targeted information campaigns, defibrillators in public facilities and other resources, the Foundation is preventing disease and saving lives.

Living Proof of Donations At Work

“The Heart and Stroke Foundation played a huge role for us in helping us with learning about eating properly and education about heart, and stroke, and some of the things that would be coming, in terms of how to approach things at the hospital and how to help our son through this difficult situation. On January 16, Ben went in for open heart surgery. The Heart & Stroke Foundation was very supportive and very helpful in what the surgery would look like, and what the recovery would look like.” 

- Leslie Edwardson, whose son Ben Tunnell is living well after open heart surgery

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Leslie Edwardson and Benjamin Tunnell - HealthPartners / Heart and Stroke Foundation