Crohn’s and Colitis

Stomach pain, weight loss, tiredness, fever…these are a few of the symptoms that over 230,000 Canadians with an inflammatory bowel disease experience regularly. Canada has one of the highest incidences of Crohn’s and colitis in the world – and this translates to total annual cost of over $2.8 billion.

THEN: The burden to individuals and society is enormous. Before 1974, there was little research money paid to inflammatory bowel diseases.

Enter Crohn’s and Colitis Canada

NOW: Since its founding in 1974, Crohn’s and Colitis Canada has become a world leader in research on irritable bowel diseases, and is committed to finding a cure. Research projects have resulted in life-altering treatments for many Canadians.

Living Proof of Donations At Work

Right now, there are over 233,000 Canadians living with Crohn’s or colitis across the country. Andrea is one of them.

“I am grateful for the health I do have, and allowed me to give back to the community in hopes of making someone else’s journey with Crohn’s or colitis a little bit easier.”

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Andrea Hopkins - HealthPartners / Crohn's and Colitis Canada