Sleep Well

HealthPartners' #hpHealthySelfie Challenge

Get Your Shut-Eye: Sleeping Your Way to Better Health

Many of us — 87% in fact — will be affected by chronic disease in our lifetime. That’s what the stats indicate. But we can all take small steps towards better health — and beat those stats. That’s where HealthPartners’ #hpHealthySelfie challenge comes in. We are challenging you to take small steps to healthier living: small steps that can make a huge difference to your health. Here’s just one simple example: we all talk about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, but how many of us get the recommended eight hours? 

Our Experts are Taking the Challenge

See how Dr. Dugald Seely, naturopathic doctor at the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre, is taking the challenge.


Take the Challenge

At HealthPartners, our focus is on helping you make a positive difference in your health. Remember… when it comes to your health, small stepping stones can make a huge difference!

Start Your Own Challenge

You can start your own challenge to get more — and better — sleep. Here are just a few ways to get you started.

On your own:

  • think of a bedtime ritual that you could do to help you fall asleep — meditation maybe?
  • listen to soothing music when you get to bed

At home:

  • ban the electronic devices from the bedroom and make it a habit to read to your kids

At work:

  • share with co-workers what gets them to sleep at night, try new ideas to see what works and keep track of your successes

And while you’re at it, take a selfie or video of yourself, your family or you and your work colleagues in action. Tell us about the shut-eye tips you’ve adopted to get more sleep — and improve your health! Take the challenge and get your friends to do the same! You could win a Fitbit!

Share your own mini-challenges — and successes — with all of us at HealthPartners:
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The Link Between Sleep and Reducing Your Risk of Getting a Chronic Disease

Just think about sleep for a minute. We all know how we feel when we haven’t gotten enough shut-eye — we’re grumpy, quick to anger and find it hard to finish a task or retain information. And we sure know how our kids act when they haven’t had enough sleep.

Getting enough quality sleep is important for our mental health, our physical health, quality of life, even our safety.

Sleep Well


  • helps our brain work properly
  • improves learning and our ability to concentrate
  • heals and repairs our bodies
  • supports healthy growth and development
  • boosts our immune system
  • improves our mood

And, then there’s the reduced risk of becoming overweight or even obese, developing diabetes, getting a heart attack or suffering a stroke.

The Impact

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Muscular Dystrophy Canada, Parkinson Canada and the Heart & Stroke Foundation are all members of HealthPartners, a national organization active in workplaces across the country to represent 16 of Canada’s most trusted national health charities. At HealthPartners, we raise money for our member charities, enabling them to provide critical services, invest in research, and provide health prevention and wellness programs in communities across Canada.

But they have something else in common, too. All five agree that getting enough sleep — and good quality sleep — is important to preventing a heart attack or stroke, and to being able to function with a chronic disease that affects muscle function or the ability to breathe properly.

Sleep disorders can actually increase discomfort or pain, and make it harder for you to manage your symptoms. That’s why you’ll find these and other HealthPartners’ member charities offer a range of educational materials, support groups, helplines and other resources dedicated to people with chronic diseases or major illnesses who have sleep issues.

Five major chronic diseases … yet such a simple stepping stone to take to better health. And HealthPartners’ #hpHealthySelfie challenge will help you get started.

Sleep well, and take part in the HealthPartners’ #hpHealthySelfie Challenge.