#hpHealthySelfie Challenge

Small Steps to a Healthier You

We all strive to be healthy. But the fact is that most of us will be affected by a chronic disease or major illness in our lifetime. The stats support this - 87% of Canadians will be dealing with this reality at some point.

There are small steps that we can all take that can make a huge difference in helping us cope with this challenge - and that's where HealthPartners comes in. We are a national organization active in workplaces across the country to represent 16 of Canada's most trusted national health charities. At HealthPartners, we raise money for our member charities, enabling them to provide critical services, invest in research, and provide health prevention and wellness programs in communities across Canada. 

Take the Challenge

From September 28 to November 1, 2016, take a selfie or video of yourself, or you and your family or your work colleagues in action while you're on the road to better health. 

Participate and get a chance to win a Fitbit!

  1. Like our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter or Instagram
  2. Take a "selfie" (photo featuring you) depicting one of the challenge's themes
  3. Share your photo using the hashtag #hpHealthySelfie and mention us in your post! (Twitter: @giveatwork, Facebook and Instagram: @Healthpartners.partenairesante)

A small step for huge benefits! Don't forget to tell us about the stepping stones you have taken to get healthy in connection with the challenge's theme!

Challenge's Themes

Challenge 1: Staying hydrated

Challenge 2: Being physically active

Challenge 3: Eating healthier

Challenge 4: Keep Mentally Healthy

Challenge 5: Sleeping and resting better

The challenge is on!