Employer Testimonials

Russell Williams, President, Rx&D

“It makes good sense from a staff engagement point of view. Our staff want to contribute to the community…HealthPartners allows for links to those organizations.”

- Russell Williams

“Including HealthPartners in the OEB’s Charitable Campaign really resonated with staff...It was our second most successful campaign in the last five years with participation increasing to nearly 60% in 2014. It was great for everyone – the staff, OEB and the charities!”

- Rosemarie T. Leclair
Chair and CEO Ontario Energy Board (OEB)

“HealthPartners represents a terrific opportunity for employees to raise funds for worthwhile health charities, in a convenient, efficient way. For an employer, being able to provide employees with an opportunity to give more easily is a win–win for everybody.”

— Frank Swedlove, President
Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association

“Organizing a HealthPartners workplace campaign was an easy decision to make given the alignment between our two organizations — helping to improve the lives of Canadians... We are also given the opportunity to hear directly from health charities about how donations are used to fund life-saving research. Essentially, HealthPartners offers a one-stop shop for giving to important health charities that truly make a difference in the lives of Canadians.”

— Paul Dresch, Vice-President Corporate Services

Kevin Ford, President of Business and Technologies Services, Calian

“It is important for us that Calian be recognized as a community support organization both locally and nationally. HealthPartners gives us that opportunity.”

- Kevin Ford

“I was overwhelmed and daunted by the idea of running a workplace giving campaign. But HealthPartners made it so easy... Employees like being involved in the campaign. It gives them a sense of purpose and something to talk about in terms of the work being done by the different charities. Workplace morale definitely improves.”

— Danielle Mongeon, Director, Human Resources
Canadian Chamber of Commerce

"We have always enjoyed excellent support and the tools necessary to make our campaign run smoothly. We get fast answers to our questions and it is very easy to receive testimony from a sufferer. What’s more, the staff at HealthPartners are very flexible and adapt to the rhythm of the companies that campaign. We really feel respected by them."

- Stefano Bertolli, Vice-President: Communications, Lassonde Industries