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Your neighbourhood is your community. It’s where you and your family live. It’s where people you hang out with live. It’s where the local store owner lives, and the minister of your church, your son’s high school teacher, your daughter’s soccer coach, the senior who volunteers at the local food bank.

The people in your neighbourhood — all familiar faces.

But what might not be so familiar to you is a reality that affects 87% of Canadians — a reality that may even affect your family. At the neighbourhood level, this means that at some point during their lifetime, many of the people you know will be challenged by some of the most devastating chronic diseases and serious illnesses faced by Canadians — including breast cancer, stroke, dementia, diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and ALS.

What will bring some measure of comfort to these neighbours of yours is that the health charities represented by these diseases or illnesses are working at the ground level — in community after community — to support peoples and families.

This meaningful, significant work involves both life-saving research to find a cure as well as practical programs, services and resources.

Local Support. Local Services. Local Giving.

Since 1988, HealthPartners has been your link to these health charities — and has raised over $150 million in the process so these 16 member charities, staff and volunteers can be there for those 87% of Canadians who need help.

HealthPartners’ Member Charities Deliver Programs and Services Right Here in New Brunswick — Where It Counts

A HealthPartners' member charity is right there in your neighbourhood, delivering programs and services where it counts. Think of HealthPartners as a connector: connecting you and your neighbours to 16 of our most trusted health charities; and connecting your donation to local programs and support services — touching loved ones, friends and neighbours directly with the support they need to function, day by day.

Every day, thanks to a HealthPartners’ donation to one of 16 of our most well-known health charities, someone in your neighbourhood benefits. These charities and their staff and volunteers are hard at work, delivering programs, services and other resources at the local level.

People like Kim received one-on-one coaching and tips on healthy living, along with nutrition advice, from a health coach at her local library, thanks to the Live Well Bien Vivre program, delivered by Diabetes Canada’s New Brunswick chapter and the Government of New Brunswick.

“I was at high risk for developing type 2 diabetes. I knew I needed to make some healthy changes to ensure this didn’t happen. The support I received from a health coach has helped me make those changes - and now I am at low risk for diabetes." - Kim

Generations of her family have developed Alzheimer’s, including a grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, her mother, sisters and brothers. Ever grateful for the free services and programs available to her and her family, including support groups, Barbara is a regular on the annual Walk for Alzheimer’s — doing her part to ensure that families like hers receive the support they need.

“I am the only sibling of eight to have reached the age of 60 without having developed dementia. The Alzheimer’s Society was there for me and my family, and I continue to hope that a cure will be found before this terrible disease affects the next generation of my family.” - Barbara


Tara received valuable information and support for her daughter, Addie, from the local chapter of the Lung Association.

“It was difficult watching our baby struggle to breathe when she was sick. We received so much asthma education from the Lung Association, asthma clinic, doctors and pediatricians that it made those scary moments a little less scary. We’re in great hands here in New Brunswick thanks to the Lung Association.” - Tara

Gary received a liver transplant after being diagnosed with stage 1 liver cancer. He credits the life-saving research that the Canadian Liver Foundation engages in for saving his life — and is a committed volunteer for the Foundation, educating his community about liver health and the importance of liver research.

“If it wasn’t for the research that the Canadian Liver Foundation funds, I wouldn’t be here right now.” - Gary



Sydney was diagnosed at the age of 3 with juvenile idiopathic arthritis — a childhood arthritis that affects more than 24,000 Canadian children and has no known cause or cure. After years of cortisone shots and many medications, she has recently found one that has improved her quality of life.

“There are times when arthritis seems very scary, but there are amazing people who care so much and new medications that really help.” - Syndey

Local Impact in Your Neighbourhood

Here are just some of the ways our health partner charities work in your neighbourhood. 

Alzheimer Society of Canada

The New Brunswick chapter of the Alzheimer Society of Canada provides information, resources, education and support at the community level. This year we are serving 2,215 clients, which represents a 67% increase from 2016.

Snapshot of Impact in New Brunswick:

  • Early intervention for 334 new families
  • Support through InfoLine to 673 clients and through local resource centres to 705 families
  • 428 Memory Cafés
  • 90 hours of caregiver support sessions in 5 communities
  • Comprehensive community database of local resources
  • E-Tapestry, a new computerized content management system to improve client service
  • Focus on rural services

Heart and Stroke

Prevention is a main focus of the New Brunswick chapter of the Heart and Stroke. In the province, 5 people die of cardiovascular disease every day and 1 in 4 people have high blood pressure.

Snapshot of Impact in New Brunswick:

  • 10,000+ high school students trained in CPR and use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs)
  • 400 AEDs across province, including in all high schools and local arenas
  • Telestroke is making it possible for neurologists  to use a laptop and video link to diagnose and treat stroke, anywhere, anytime
  • Promoting healthy food and drink choices in high schools through the Heart Healthy Schools program

Diabetes Canada

Across the country, Diabetes Canada’s regional office staff and volunteers conduct programs and provide support to help people living with or affected by diabetes navigate their care and self-management. Its programs and services encourage Canadians to live healthier lives by providing practical and accessible information that is helpful and meaningful to them.

Snapshot of Impact in New Brunswick:

  • Delivered 8 community presentations to 260 people
  • 67 health fairs reached 3,340 people
  • 83 children attended diabetes camp
  • 272 people received personal counselling from health coaches

Canadian Cancer Society

The New Brunswick chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society provides wigs, prosthetics, travel assistance and prevention programs to support people with cancer.

Snapshot of Impact in New Brunswick:

  • 50+ children went to Camp Goodtime
  • 800 people received support through Smokers’ Helpline and Smokers’ Helpline Online
  • Over 10,000 children learned about sun safety through the SunSense program
  • Lobbied to have smoking banned on all Regional Health Authority grounds
  • Advocated for a comprehensive palliative care strategy, extending compassionate care benefits to 28 weeks and getting prescription drug coverage under the New Brunswick Drug Plan

Supporting Health Research at the Community Level

Health + Life Science New Brunswick is an innovation accelerator that facilitates research collaboration between post-secondary researchers, health care professionals and the private sector. This collaborative research focuses on attracting investment and building research capacity that leads to better health outcomes through new technologies, treatments and practices. This also fosters an entrepreneurial environment that encourages new companies and creates jobs in New Brunswick.

The Tucker Park campus in Saint John is fast becoming a research hub on the East Coast. Home to the Saint John Regional Hospital, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick, University of New Brunswick Saint John and the New Brunswick Community College, there are countless opportunities for collaboration on research and innovation. Cardiovascular disease research is one main focus, with studies being conducted around obesity, prevention and regeneration, and innovative therapeutic strategies. Researcher Dr. Keith Brunt is looking at how cells adapt to stress, for example.

The Canadian Cancer Society New Brunswick invests in two cancer research chairs. At the Université de Moncton, Dr. Sandra Turcotte is developing targeted therapies for advanced kidney cancer. At the University of New Brunswick, Dr. Anthony Reiman focuses on interdisciplinary supportive care for cancer patients and is exploring new strategies for treatment.

For over 25 years, HealthPartners and our 16 leading health charities have been working together to create healthy workplaces and communities. Our partner charities have had a major impact on the treatment of and services related to chronic disease and major illness. From increasing the survival rate of Canadians with cancer or cystic fibrosis, to the first organization in the world to focus on liver disease research, to providing speech therapy for Parkinson’s sufferers, and more, the 16 charities have made the difference in the lives of millions of Canadians affected by chronic disease or major illness — Canadians from all walks of life and in communities and neighbourhoods in every corner of the country.

Our research indicates that 87% of Canadians will be confronted with a major health issue at some point during their lifetime. Beyond having to deal with major physical challenges that go hand in hand with a chronic disease or major illness are a host of other challenges, including mental illness.

There is a strong connection between the physical and the mental, between the body and the mind. Mental illness is not only a very real side effect of chronic disease or major illness, but it also exacerbates the physical symptoms.

In recognition of this mind–body connection, HealthPartners’ 16 member charities have implemented a range of support programs and offer a host of other resources to meet these mental health needs. Their clear guidance, educational resources and support programs help people living with long-term illness cope with mood disorders like depression. You can read about the mind–body connection, and examples of game-changing work under way at the local level in our Chronic Disease and Mental Health Report.

HealthPartners 16 Member Charities

Impact of your Donations

Donations to HealthPartners help our 16 leading health charities:

  • Conduct critical research to help prevent some of these diseases
  • Develop support and education programs to keep people in our communities healthier
  • Find treatments and cures we need to save and transform lives in our community

Your donations help transform people’s lives, including people who live right in your own neighbourhood. To learn more about their impact, you can read the real-life stories of some of those who have benefitted — stories that are living proof of how your donations help to transform lives and make a real difference, at the local level.