Eric Beaudoin

Eric Beaudoin joined KPMG LLP in January 2019 as Director, People & Change. Eric Beaudoin is an active leader in the HR Transformation Advisory Public Sector service offering, specializing in HR operating models, Org Design and HR Strategy. His expertise lies in leading HR modernization efforts, operational reviews, organization design and improvement initiatives to achieve defined strategic goals, grow talent and create the most coveted work environment. He thinks analytically and conceptually, using qualitative and quantitative information as well as leading practices in the market to question and challenge the status quo, identify improvement areas and find solutions. Eric’s preferred approach is to design and implement highly collaborative and immersive labs for his clients (high touch, thought provoking and decision making session). Simplicity, continuous improvement and agility are key tenants of his approach as well as ensuring HR’s alignment with the current and future needs of its organization and its talent. Prior to joining KPMG, Eric was a Human Capital Director at a University Hospital in Ottawa and a Certified Healthcare Executive with the Canadian College of Health Leaders.