Help us end chronic disease and make Canadians healthier. 

HealthPartners raises money for its 16 members – some of our country’s most trusted health charities. Your support help fund ground-breaking research, provide essential support services to those affected by chronic disease or major illness, and deliver important prevention programs in over 1,200 communities across Canada. 

Donate Now

Help us end all chronic diseases and make Canadians healthier with a monthly or a one-time donation to HealthPartners. The amount will get distributed amongst all our 16 members.

Donate in your workplace

HealthPartners is one of two main recipients of the Government of Canada’s Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC). Federal employees can donate to us using their standard pledge form.

Employees working in other workplaces across Canada with a current partnership with HealthPartners can choose to donate to HealthPartners using their work pledge form.

Donations using a work pledge form can be done in two ways:

  1. Support one or more of our 16 member health charities. If you have a personal connection to a disease, HealthPartners makes it easy for you to support the member charities closer to your heart.
  2. Invest to end all chronic diseases and make Canadians healthier. Donating to “HealthPartners” as a collective will ensure that your donation gets distributed amongst all our 16 members. Even if you donate to our charities directly, why not consider increasing your impact with a little extra that can go a long way in making your future healthier?

Your workplace not yet offering HealthPartners as an option on its pledge form? Contact us!